About Him
Pt Madan Mohan Malaviya or Mahamana Malaviya, as he was popularly known, was born on 25th December 1861 at Prayag, in a family of six brothers and two sisters. His grandfather Pt Premdhar and father Pt Baijnath were Sanskrit scholars. His father, Pt Baijnath, was also an excellent Kathavacak (narrator of the stories from Bhagawat). After initial training in Sanskrit, Malaviyaji joined the Saraswati School for study in English. He passed his B. A. from Muir Central College in 1884. He was married in 1878 to Kumari Devi of Mirzapur.
Malaviyaji wanted to be a good Kathavacak like his father. But his dreams were drowned "in the tears of his mother" and the poverty in the house. Circumstances forced him in 1884 to join the Government School as a teacher for a salary of Rs.40 per month.
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Malaviyaji's Personality   Political
His personality can not be condensed in a few words. Mahatma Gandhi called him pratah smaraniyaÌ, a pious person whose name when remembered in the morning would lift one out of the mire of one's sordid self.   Malaviyaji was catapulted into the political arena immediately after his first thrilling speech at the Second Congress Session in Calcutta, held in 1886.
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To continue Malaviyajis work through various means primarily to educate the countrymen and their upliftment
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